Today I will teach you how to seive a respectable girl from the ocean of Kungurus out there.

Ladies and gentlemen believe me when I tell you I can almost distinguish loyal wifeable girls from slay queens with an almost surgical precession.Today I thought what use is all this mad philosophy if I don't share it with villagers! So without further ado here are the critical signs you should look out for:
1.Social Media:If the mbitch you are with posts selfies more than 4 times a week, she is either a whore or insecure. (mostly a whore). A decent girl posts way less on social media.

2.How long it takes to have sex with her. A respectable girl will make you wait, access if you are worth it. You will have to take this girl out for a while before you finally smash which by this time you are so emotionally invested into the mbitch. A whore will let you hit within 3 days of meeting.

3.During the first weeks a fine girl will try her best to impress you with her cooking skills, when you come over be rest assured there is food in the kitchen not these shitty food from the restaurant. A whore will try to impress you with her body.

4.A whore will give you a blow job within the first week of being with her. She takes to the d*ck like holy communion. The decent girl will make you sweat for it but once she gives in the anticipation makes it the much better. Some extremist will not even give a blow job.

5.And last but not least the ultimate whore litmus test paper:A whore will ask you for money. It's natural. A respectable girl will just hint that she is in need of money and wait for your doing. Some fine girls in bad times will ask for it and that does not make them Kunguru. I trust villagers are wise enough to distinguish the need for money from a mbitch to correctly classify her into a whore or a fine girl.
From experience qualities of a good wife include

1. Nurturing , this is hard to define but it means an ability to nurture you including cooking your favourite meals, give massages etc
2. Not selfish! A selfish woman is a NO! Your in-laws watakiona pia!
3.Cool Under Pressure this is a hard ask for a woman but she must have an ability to control her tempers and find ways to cope with stress
4. Good communicator / Honest the ability to communicate Cleary not to sulk & expect you to decode stuff
5. Loyal
6. Religious / Spiritual (Main Religions)
Its a fucked up world... I rem this one lady with all the best quality.. I knew she was the one so I prepaired myself for that day atapeana vitu... Gave her the best experience to my surprise she quit thinkin.. Quit bein the brilliant lady all she think about is more ludo n ludo... Now I'm like the sextoy... Some things hakuna shortcut trial n error till u get her...


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Wife material is a figment of your imagination and one mans meat is another's poison. There is no one size fits all. Just like a buying a second hand car, you need a test drive. Kaa na mwanamke kwa nyumba for a reasonable time then decide whether she is worth it.