Today's sermon: Carter Conlon

I have never understood what people's beef is with a pastor being wealthy. Why do worldly people want pastors to be poor. Why? Even Jesus once said, the poor will always be there when the woman with an alabaster box poured expensive ointment on Jesus feet that could feed the poor for a year.

Always remember the people God loved greatly were extremely wealthy. How can you serve God who created everything and be poorer than brothel, casino and pub owners. Leading people to hell in a basket. HOW? Poverty is not a trademark of God. Abraham had 300 man team for security. Was that a poor man? In fact it is a big shame for any pastor to be walking. It should not even be a mchango just one person anapea Pastor Gari. Then churches should be built with gold. Because God has everything so why should those who serve Him not be the wealthiest. Why should it be evildoers who prosper. You who thinks serving God is a walk to riches. Go start your own we see how you will fare. Of course there are charlatans but let us not vilify prosperity bcz all these women who can even sleep with mzungu dogs for money do so because they are poor. So poverty is of the devil and prosperity is of God. Period.