Tom Bayeye has been arrested

:D:D:D DCI siku hizi wanajaribu, yaani they have time to plead with such losers?
@BBIsiMuhimu pia achungwe sana. Siku moja atatoka mjengo na stress achinje the perceived source of his earthly frustrations: his fat ugly wife. Hawa peasants wakuwe wakipewa free counseling once in a while, the entire society will benefit.
Shoga mzee how many handles have you created today? Your other handle Johntez mla mavi seems to have got tired.
Men should learn that a woman hurting your fragile ego is not the worst thing that could happen.

The worst that could happen is going to Kamiti Maximum Prison for life just because you killed a bitch that was not worth it.
I have never understood how grown men get upset over beings whose expiry date is less than 10 years max. Ni kama kulia kwa sababu umeachwa na matatu kwa stage knowing very well that they will always be another one coming in!