Tony Gachoka

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I have watched show ya these two clowns .....the way this guy articulate issues touching on areas of high profile individual with a lot of confidence.......then inakuwa hana kakitu.....hii ni ungamish


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Why can't you hide your tribe and political leaning.. You are a moderater for fucking sake.. You always sound and behave juvenile..
Totally agree, this guy isn't a suitable mod. He once removed my comment and insulted me just for being critical of Raila.


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You are a new villager, so I will let you opinion pass... This tin-goD worshiper (he never hides it) almost drove me out of Ktalk.. Wait for his friends to arrive here, he will even cheer them on.
You do the same thing you accuse him of. You are both bigots and do not take the high moral ground here madam.


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A moderator's job is not a civil servant's one,

In KLOST Supu was an open TNA supporter like myself while Jakenya alikua amekufa na O.D.M hatukuona kelele, impartiality hata judiciary ya kenya imeshindwa
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