Top 40 banks in Africa. Equity @ No 70.



its amazing how our Kenyan banks steal from us and are still ranked 70th in Africa .....meaning the south African banks are mercenaries
I think its more to do with the size of the economy where the bank operates. 99% of those banks ranking higher than Kenyan banks are based in countries whose economies are bigger than Kenya

Fala 12

Kijana Fupi Nono Round
Wee hua unaona vile Oigara na staff wake hujiskia ni kama they have the whole world under them. Kwanza ile time they acquired Chase bank ni kama ilikua deal ya JP Morgan
they are the biggest bank in kenya, growing while others are closing down. wako na kakitu ya kujiskia nayo (but to kenyans only)

** and also they are among the best employers in the kenyan banking industry **