Top 5 ugliest and f*cked up Avators in Ktalk..pls change them

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This is Gold

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These avators below unibore tuu sana..will start frm No 5 going down

No. 5
Purr 27
Wht is this one tryin 2 show us..ati juu ua name is similar 2 house cat unatuekea paka alafu she proceeds 2 add thw name sofa paka to her embarrassed to have shared da same hood (read westie with this one)

No. 4 Luther daktari

Nigga ni teddy bear uliona uweke watu..pls chng asap manze...

No. 3 Davidee

With this kinda picha..i now understand why ua chic does nt love u..izza

No. 2 Ol mnki

Explain 2 me like a 2 y.o ---WTF is this..nigga u craze walai..TF is this Goddamit alafu his a mod SMH

NO 1..Webdev

They say pictures speak thousnd words well 4 me this pic jus killed it...look at this sewage words..tells u lot
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