toshiba satellite c55-b1080 drivers.....

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morning village dwellers sorry for my long absence from the village, this was due to duty calls and other commitments however am back in full swing and already going through the content that you posted while i was away.
having said that i bought the above mentioned laptop or is is notebook and it doesnt come with pre-installed windows so i installed windows 7 ultimate but there are some drivers that are missing as shown Capture.PNG

the drivers are responsible for bluetooth,webcam and wifi among others
the specifications for this machine are as follows: Capture.PNG lap 3.PNG lap1.PNG lap 2.PNG i have tried the website and others to in vain

my humbel request to villagers is where can i get the drivers from ? better still is there anyone willing to share his/hers? are the drivers specifically meant for toshiba or are there universal drivers?

Thanks and blessed sundays


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install advanced driver updater or driver navigator.
it will search for the drivers and update automatically but you have to get a cracked version kwa torrents


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Driver pack hukuanga so big like even 30gb, use windows update ama download a software called slimdrivers, it will scan and find missing drivers and s place for you to download
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