Tough new rules for police jobs

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Kenyans wishing to join the police
force will henceforth go through
three critical stages before being
considered for training, we can
The new recruitment regulations
require candidates to start by
applying for the positions within
certain time limits before the
commission considers them.
During shortlisting, the National
Police Service Commission (NPSC)
will take into account gender,
regional and ethnic balancing.
There will also be a thorough
examination of the candidates’
Those shortlisted will then be
invited for the second phase,
which will involve physical,
aptitude and medical assessment.
This will be done in different
recruitment centres, where the
candidates’ suitability will be
tested by a selection panel.
Documents will be verified at this
There will be close supervision by
accredited observers. Selectors will
then forward the names of
shortlisted candidates to the NPSC
for the final decision.
This will be a shift from the
current arrangement, where
candidates throng recruitment
centres across the country and are
either selected or left out by
panels after physical exercise tests
and verification of documents.
The new requirements are aimed
at ridding police recruitment of
corruption and nepotism that have
characterised the exercise.
The tough regulations, dubbed
"The National Police Service
Commission (Recruitment and
Appointments) Regulations 2014’,
were prepared by the Ministry of
Interior in collaboration with the
NPSC, and were approved by
Parliament last week.
This comes after the High Court
nullified the recent hiring exercise
in 289 centres, a ruling that cost
taxpayers Sh87 million, which is
what the exercise cost. The 8,749
individuals selected must now
start chasing their dreams afresh.
“The selection panel will comprise
an officer not below the rank of a
superintendent, as assigned by the
commission who shall be the
chairperson,” the rules say.
The panel will also have an
education officer, a medical officer,
two police officers not below the
rank of chief inspector who will be
joint secretaries and any other
officer(s) the commission may
deem necessary from time to time.
“Those shortlisted by the
recruitment panel shall, to the best
extent possible reflect regional,
ethnic and gender balance,”
according to the regulations.
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