Tours & travel business

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I bought a tours & travel shelf company and had great plans to grow it into a big successful firm with time but just as was about to start operations, the Westgate Mall attack occurred and so I put my plans on hold. Now, I would like to start operations but am disadvantaged since am not in Kenya at the moment. Can anyone who works for a tours and travel company shed some light to me on how I can make tour packages or how to get and make deals with suppliers and what government licenses I will be required to acquire. Or, if you are a tour consultant and can offer me consultancy services, message me with your credentials and price for your services

This is a hard hit industry...whoever sold the business to you had some good insight.
Hard hit indeed but as far as am concerned, this the best time to invest in the industry when rates for would be tourists are low. Visitors are still coming to Kenya but not in high numbers as they did before the terror attacks


I thought the fact that you are outside Kenya would be an advantage since you are near the tourists. ama uko nchi gani?
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