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The struggle continues.

The genesis:
A certain talker, @LikeLiterally, was awarded a custom title of the VillageWhore a few days after joining the village, and with barely some 10 posts and 30 likes. We sought an explanation from the admin on what criteria is used to award custom titles. The Admean responded in a 286-page statement that said nothing about the criteria, but instead insulted our intelligence by saying that he does not accord anyone preferential treatment (as if custom titles arent preferential) to any talker. Nigga went ahead and asked us what the criteria should be, and someone (I guess it was me) told him that he is asking us what color of shit he should dump, only that he is doing it as he wipes his ass after taking the dump.

The Protest:
So, we are today standing against this preferential treatment. Note that it is not the titles we want, all we are asking is a transparent criteria that everyone knows, eg. if you make X posts and you get Y likes, you automatically become eligible for some custom title.

The Method:
Let us all stand up against this discrimination by
  1. Changing our avatars to the Kenyan flag (with eyes, like mine). This is to help identify those who are with us and those who are against us. No middle ground.
  2. Posting nothing else except protest messages, duly signed #FerkAdmin, FerkCollaborators, or any of its variants
  3. Refusing to accept any custom titles the admean and his crew may try to award in an attempt to weaken the struggle (happened with @mabenda4)
  4. Suspending all Sacco activities
  5. Listening to redemption songs (Lucky Dube, Bob Marley, Boney M or similar)
This protest will continue until admean swallows his pride and offers an apology and a clear explanation, even if it means admitting that he ferked someone.

It may be frustrating trying to post messages as the site will soon get overwhelmed, but keep trying. A fast internet and sufficient time are recommended. I reiterate that we are not against admin and crew personally, what we hate is the discrimination.

Not open for further replies.