Traffic Jam in Kenya.

Mr. Krab

Senior Villager
What usually cause snarl up in our major towns, nowadays you get stuck in traffic in far flung places like Meru. Bringing me to my 3 questions.

1.Is traffic caused by many Kenyans owning cars.

2.Or is it caused by poor planning of our roads network.

3. Or is the cause of accident sheer indisplined of Kenyans drivers and pedestrians...

Nowadays even the four lanes Thika Superhigway suffer a massive Traffic snarl up, especially from Nairobi all the way to Ryosambu- then there is a flee flow all the way.

* What can be done.


Village Elder
shida sio planning na shida sio magari mob shida ni UAFRIKA tabia ya mwafrika. mahali kama california unapatanga barabara moja with lyk six lanes iko jam packed na magari for lyk 2kms but kila mtu yuko kwa line yake yani aerial pic ukiona utajua kuna lanes ngapi coz of the neat straight lines za magari.