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Police are considering charging beleaguered blogger Dennis Itumbi with treason as investigations into an alleged ‘assassination plot’ against Deputy President William Ruto entered a crucial stage.

Sources at the Directorate of Criminal Investigations (DCI), who spoke in confidence, told the Sunday Nation that Mr Itumbi could be charged with the offence when he returns to court to formally take plea on Wednesday

The Sunday Nation has learnt that the arrest of the blogger has shaken Dr Ruto’s camp especially of the growing perception that the letter alleging the assassination plot was authored for political gain rather than on a real threat to the DP’s life.

Publicly, the pro-Ruto team, known as Tangatanga, has put out a brave face insisting that the arrest of the blogger was a diversionary tactic and insisted that the question on the agenda of the La Mada meeting should be settled.

Two top Jubilee politicians admit that the letter was part of Team Tangatanga strategy to call out Mr Kibicho over the offensive remarks he is alleged to have made about the DP during the meeting.


Village Elder
He should be allowed to release the video he claims is hard solid evidence.
That what they would never allow if at all it exist, they would rather threaten him like they are doing or bribe him. The latter is what is likely to happen if indeed he has the tape. He will become a multimillionaire overnight. If they drop those charges know there was a tape

Kahuni Maisha

Village Sponsor
He should be allowed to release the video he claims is hard solid evidence.
It doesn't work like that. There're processes and procedures in place for verifying it, once it's admitted as evidence.
Did Itumbi expect, to show up in court, and claim he has a video, and expect the court to allow him play it, just like that ?