Treasure yourself and become the prize

I've noted that some investment in my mental health, a little grooming and a no-apologies recognition of my worth as a patriach has earned me several pussies..I am now looking to become the ultimate ndume! No more sissy-feminism crap
Be smartly dressed..not showy or unecessarily colorful..just decent and we'll self confident neither arrogant nor loudmouthed..add a little dose of like magic for me all the time
Be a 'real man' and 'step up' and heal a heart you didn't break or raise a kid you didn't sire. We will celebrate you and write your name in history books
These are MGTOW and Red Pill shaming lines used against men who know their worth and are not willing to partaker in the mental issue called step-fatherism. They are so old they belong to a museum somewhere in the heart of the Great Rift Valley. However, we as Men of the Redpill are not Dancing to the tune. Know your worth. Get your money right, stay out of debt, exercise, eat healthy and increase your knowledge. You are the prize.