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  1. Fala 12

    Fala 12 Village Sponsor

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  2. Father Figure

    Father Figure Village Elder

    nasemaga kama kuna single mother amesurvive hizi mathread za ktalk hakuna kitu inaeza mtisha hii dunia
  3. Shida Tupu

    Shida Tupu Village Elder

    If her names begins with "G" and the daughter's name begins with "M", na ulikuwa umempeleka Msa sometime back, then kwisha wewe. Is the daughter approximately 3 going 4 on June?
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  4. 123tokambio

    123tokambio Village Sponsor

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  5. HardyMan

    HardyMan Village Elder

    wanaitwa Singles Murderers, they will kill you will everything they can.
  6. kamnjoro

    kamnjoro Village Elder

  7. KinduKiega

    KinduKiega Village Elder

  8. Web Dev

    Web Dev Village Elder

    @admin mara kwa mara tunasema kukuwe na category ya singo Mathas.
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  9. Some Say

    Some Say Village Elder

    Mimi nikaambiwa ako 6 feet under na sijaona tombstone wacha akae na hekaya zake.
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  10. Fala 12

    Fala 12 Village Sponsor

    ama ufanye hivi @admin ubadilishe category ya cheki maneno na singo mathas
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  11. jerrydubiz

    jerrydubiz Village Elder

    Akubali amecheswo, single mothers or not, some women lie but some small dicked embeciles will turn this to a single mother bashing fest...a smart man always does due diligence but obviously your friend is an idiot and he has himself to blame.
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  12. jmungai

    jmungai Senior Villager

  13. kanyus

    kanyus Village Elder

    Single mothers ni lawama
  14. LeoK

    LeoK Village Elder

    mi bado na shindwa "tricky" inaingilia wapi hapa.

    GALANAKULALU Village Elder

    Easy....then peleka alleged baby daddy six feet under amshow atulie hapo for atlst eternity or till he gets bored, hope thats sorted....usisumbue tena na hizi story nani....
  16. uwesmake

    uwesmake Village Sponsor

    mimi singo madha naweza tambua ni mwenye ako btn 16-17 years .

    @admin ng'oa section ya CHEKI MANENO uweke SINGO MADHAS , MOD akuwe expat @M2Random
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  17. bjurmann

    bjurmann Village Elder

    Ha ha
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  18. Baby Panay

    Baby Panay Village Elder

    Si you tell him to dump the lying bitch?
  19. bjurmann

    bjurmann Village Elder

    Single mother akisema baba mtoto alikanyangwa Na tractor jua Tu ako hai unless uli attend maziko yake
  20. sludgist

    sludgist Village Elder

    :D:D Alternatively kill the father & daughter and sire 2 kiddos with the mother to replace the departed .....
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