Trolley Man Vs. Crazed Walalo


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Melbourne stabbing attack was ‘terrorism incident’, police say, as Islamic State claims it
NOVEMBER 11, 2018 1:10AM

A BYSTANDER dubbed “the trolley man” for taking on an armed terrorist with a shopping cart during the deadly terror attack in Melbourne is homeless with few possessions.
Michael Rogers, 46, attempted to help police officers stop terrorist Hassan Khalif Shire Ali — who had already stabbed one person to death and injured another two — by ramming a shopping trolley into him.

The Sunday Herald Suntracked down Mr Rogers on a park bench, amid a nationwide bid to find the humble hero, just 24 hours after he risked his life to save others.

The newspaper reported that Mr Rogers is homeless, but wasn’t concerned when his phone was smashed during the fight, despite not having the means to replace it.

Mr Rogers was one of two bystanders who stepped in as the killer tried to claim more victims in the city. Witness footage of the incident uploaded to social media showed Mr Rogers running to one side of the street to get the trolley before pushing it towards Ali who was wielding a knife and lunging at police. The trolley appeared to startle Ali before the man who pushed it tripped and fell to the ground. The terrorist then ran across the road, followed by police, as Mr Rogers got up and gave chase, pushing his cart towards the attacker a second time. His actions gained him widespread praise on social media by users who dubbed him “trolley man” and called for him to receive a medal or be made Prime Minister of Australia. Mr Rogers was reportedly unaware of the attention being heaped on him for his actions.

One witness said she spoke to Mr Rogers at the scene and he told her his actions were “just instinctive to help the police protect the safety of others”, the Herald Sun reports.

Mr Rogers told 7 News that he believes he did help save lives.

“I’ve seen the trolley to the side so I’ve picked it up and I ran, threw the trolley straight at him, got him, but didn’t get him down,” he said.
“I did that motion quite a number of times but it just wasn’t getting him down.”

Moments later, Ali was shot in the chest by police, before he died in hospital last night.

Prime Minister Scott Morrison said the Somali-born attacker, from Melbourne’s northwestern suburbs, had violated the nation’s trust.

“The greatest threat of religious extremism in this country is the radical and dangerous ideology of extremist Islam,” he said.


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I also deserve a medal. Ages back in UoN I laid over a thug guys wanted to lych, coat me my glasses .
Sioni nikiamini. Kenya watakuchoma na yeye, tena haraka sana. Unless wewe ni mzungu.Kenyans fear whites. I've seen a few thugs rescued by tumzungu, "What the f**k are you doing move back you fuckers! Put down that can!"

"We mzugu wacha tufanye ire kazi imetureta hapa. He hasa storeni from you! Ret us do justice!"

Jungle justice, Kenya style.


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I also deserve a medal. Ages back in UoN I laid over a thug guys wanted to lych, coat me my glasses .
But if indeed you did. You are a hero in my books. There is a sound they make as they blow fire from the stomach through the mouth. As the lungs ignite and explode, it's a sound one never forgets. Mamacho zinakuwa white. Na ni petrol so they are actually a small bomb. Kenyans...

Nayo mawe, skull bone zinaruka juu na mjamaa hakufi.
He is still wriggling and writhing. Until they find the right block. Like an avocado or toothpaste tube... pocho... brains out. Lights out.

And they do it on a road or next to it, halafu washinde wakiulizana baadaye, 'mbona accident mbaya hivo hapa?'

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