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Troubled police millitary minds after work


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What is conventionally accepted right in society doesn't apply universally hence the term sick fucks.Ata pokots perform some really gory acts. We once picked a body of a female teacher with cum oozing out of her pu**y with tree stumps sticking out of her privates in some remote Village in north west on a rescue mission where national exam papers were scattered plus a razed land cruiser.


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Ukitoka frontline.. lazima akili igeuke.. I saw a vid of alshaitan in operation.. they got a certain walalo with a consignment of Miraa and cigarettes deep in the heart of zoomalia.. they dint take a min with him.. inje ya gari risasi kwa kichwa na wakachukua hio gari yake after kuchoma his illegal consignment..
It is called PTSD people. Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder...........images of war and chaos haunt your bloody life.....add to it alcohol, weed and other drugs...
And sleep deprivation. Have you tried to stay awake for 24 or more hours? Or just get abnormally shorter hours of sleep than you're used to?
At some point, utaanza kusikia na kuona sauti na images haziko....those are dangerous combos


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I have a cousin who was a soldier but not boots on the ground. He was a Cadet & a professional Architect who quit after 7 years or so of service. Ako successful career-wise.


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A friend used to own a bar with his girlfriend in langata.He was a young man,around 27years of age.He comes from a family of cops.His bros,uncles and cousins serve at different levels in the police service.

One day ati the family had a meeting and they decided he should join the Administration Police.His uncle worked on his documentation and he was ordered to report to the training camp in Embakasi.The guy dissappeared in the training camp for 18 months,hata hatembelei dem wake.When he finally showed up in langata after the training,he came to invite us to his pass out parade.

The guy had lost so much weight hata hatukujua hi yeye.Originally alikua brown kidogo,the guy came back darker than the Enigma with protruding cheek bones with big eyes.Anytime ukipiga na yeye story,ana zone out,you have to shtua him ndio akuskize.I asked him kwani how was the training.Akasema it was his worst nightmare.He said he will never forgive his supervisor.I donno what the guy did to him.

Later akakosana na dem wake after he posted another pregnant chick kwa his Facebook.He told his langata girlfriend that he will kill her if she doesnt stop bothering him.He left her the bar and has never been seen again.Hata simu zangu he never picks.
I used to drink with a friend in the kdf who served in Somalia circa 2012. He used to describe atrocities they would commit in the name of interrogation. The guy described killing people casually and effortlessly with little to no thought. He always seemed eager to go back to the front lines, I think he derived some pleasure from capping people too. Jeshi turns you into an animal, you stop seeing people as humans, you start seeing them as expandable things. I guess that's necessary in that line of work