tumefunga shule saidieni


Village Elder
so as you all know I have been missing in action for the ast few months . I wasin school kume bore but tumejaribu kuvumilia tuuu . I really missed you guyz especially @Nefertities , but am back seeing the village is still cool and nice . now I have a predicament which I need your input . on my way from school I met this MILF who I used my lines to slay and she gave me her number and we are to meet today at her place in utawala . I am sure she is in a long dry spell I am planning on spending te night there . So kindly assist wit advice niende ama nisiende ? nikule ama nisikule ? pia madhe najua hatanipea ruhusa but nitasema naenda kutembelea uncle Wafs . the other issue ni sina kakitu banaantatoa pesa wapi ya kununua hata moonwalker inipee psyche ya kurushia huyo madha waya atleast mjulubenga ilale ndani ya ikuss . ill appreciate all support from elders to SVs monetary and moral . zikuom I am to depart at 1800 hrs .

shout out to @Mzee mzima

picha ndio hii

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