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What do you do often in public transport?

  1. Sleep

    6 vote(s)
  2. Antisocial behavior (games, social media)

    18 vote(s)
  3. Read a book

    4 vote(s)
  4. Listen to music or watch a movie

    4 vote(s)
  5. Meditate and Think about the day

    17 vote(s)
  6. Socialize with passengers

    0 vote(s)
  7. Terrorize other passengers

    7 vote(s)
  1. Princebushy

    Princebushy Senior Villager

    I wish ungekuwa umekaa next to them and try to mind your own business, I doubt and you would have retained your sentiments, labda ungeshuka uchukue another bus. I always avoid such situations no wonder I carry my headphones, jana I was not lucky.
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  2. Princebushy

    Princebushy Senior Villager

    :D:D:D:D inaruhusiwa
  3. Princebushy

    Princebushy Senior Villager

  4. Princebushy

    Princebushy Senior Villager

    Mimi ni wa stage Next, Kenyatta Road nimeikataa.
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  5. master.

    master. Senior Villager

    were you the subject of that conversation?
  6. kijanamrefu

    kijanamrefu Village Elder

    I don’t know. Were you?
  7. master.

    master. Senior Villager

    it seems like you are a loudmouth yourself, isn't it!
  8. kijanamrefu

    kijanamrefu Village Elder

    Tulia Wakanyama.
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    INSERTER Senior Villager

    Nice hekaya but rusungu kidogo ina kupiga chenga.
  10. WuTang

    WuTang Village Sponsor

    Wewe ni pervert.
  11. Aineabolingo

    Aineabolingo Senior Villager

    No I just mind my business with the mamas thighland
  12. Princebushy

    Princebushy Senior Villager

    Sitakataa, nilirudi to basics. very soon I will be your lecturer
  13. AMB_Sunday

    AMB_Sunday Village Elder

    Mostly nikiwa kwa PSVs I read an Ebook, text some lass or play games. Tried this pretty lass once kumbe she was bangin the donda. Kungurus allover..
  14. epoch

    epoch Village Elder

    Kuna kitu inaitwa damu. Kama unafeel mtu, why not. The key is to master self-control.
  15. chebukatineza

    chebukatineza Senior Villager

    I like how u call them "hornbill":D:D
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  16. Ubongo

    Ubongo Village Elder

    Hapa ungecheswa
  17. GeorginaMakena

    GeorginaMakena Village Elder

    I HATE public transport! HATE! Kwanza sitting nxt to a man ni shida tupu! Kwanza if its long distance you will regret it! REGRET!!! Thank God these days there are flights to everywea. Because I've suffered! No matter what I would do, vaa sura ya job,read a book, look annoyed. Men must just be sumbua. I think I just have a motherly disposition! Nakwambia a cab driver has cried on me. Heh! Another young man told me his gf was impregnated twins by his best friend while he studied in Australia. Wueh! Vitu nimeambiwa. Acha kuongea kwa simu. Pouring their heart out to me. Anyway,I thank God I hardly ever use public transport anywea bcz I was suffering! All manner of characters! Perverts,pickpockets, even tout and driver want to fondle you. Nakwambia MATATU ni shida. I don't even want to remember! But I have some good memories of a gentleman paying for me after being pickpocketed.And another lady who tetead me, makanga alikataa na change yangu. That girl shouted at the kange akatoa pesa. Others maybe wanaona I have too much money, they shudnt rudishia me change. Mwingine alitoroka na change ya 500 . I used to carry a book and have headphones ndio nisiskize hiyo ushenzi ya classic fm. One day I sat nxt a young guy, anajaribu kuniongelesha,I jifanya I can't hear juu ya headphones, unajua alinitoa earphones? Ati, am talking to you!!! Sasa akaanza kuniuliza juu ya kitabu. It was about maumau women. I think men take a mat to be a brothel! So I had a strategy of seating nxt to women or older men. If evn in your own car,theyll disturb you, sasa wen ur in public transport ndio ni nini hawatajaribu? Na usifikirie its Kenyan men. Ive Sat nxt to muzungu men,Congolese,Nigerian,Tanzanian but Rwandese and Ugandan men they don't sumbua women in public transport! Saa hio ndio unajua urembo ni liability, anyway yalio pita sI ndwele. Although I still occasionaly use mat,once in a blue moon,if I can't get a cab, like out of Tao at rush hr but Im always apprehensive! Cabs nayo is another story, a cab driver female elderly, just fell apart, mwingine akashikwa na cop obstruction akaitushwa 5k, I had to tetea her, mpaka huyo cop siku hizi ni boyfriend yangu - maybe ni Pamba. MATATU giving you hell overlapping wen ur in ur own car.Anyway, you grow a thick skin.
  18. chebukatineza

    chebukatineza Senior Villager

    Inspector @pamba unaitwa pamba.jpg
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  19. Liberty

    Liberty Village Elder

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  20. Nefertities

    Nefertities Village Elder

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