Tz vs Kenya


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If you were old enough between 1980 and 2002 you would know nothing IMF prescribed for the economic recovery of African countries ever worked. With China we at least have a dirty expensive white elephant modern railway with old engines to show.....There, I saved you the trouble of describing the SGR.
Kweli uzee siku hizi huja na upumbavu baadala ya maarifa na wisdom. The only reason Africans have fallen for the Chinese trick is because the Chinese don't mind mkijiibia virtually everything they lend you. The US and Europeans have 'bad manners' of asking hard questions when we eat and vomit on their shoes. One has to be brain dead to tout the SGR as a hallmark in our relationship with the Chinese. Hata afhadhali useme thika road.


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my question is what are the implications of buying that bike from tz and driving it here, assuming that the advert is genuine
Boss are you the thread owner,you cannot go for the ending before we delve on other hearty matters,the answer you want you have it yourself