UC browser vs Chrome

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I had not tried UC browser before but now talkers am I impressed!


Data eating- UC consumes less data compared to Chrome(even with its 50% compression)
Media upload- UC uploads images faster than Chrome and goes further to show upload progress, in terms of size of upload.
Saving pages- UC has ability to store pages for later reference while Chrome still misses the feature.
Add-ons- UC has rudimentary add-ons such as Ad blocker but Chrome doesn't.
Aesthetics- UC has customizable themes, backgrounds while Chrome doesn't.
Size- UC occupies less storage compared to Chrome(almost double)
RAM hogging- Chrome uses much RAM compared to UC browser.
Speed- UC is snappy compared to Chrome.
Download manager- UC browser has its downloads window from where you can manage downloads while on the other hand Chrome uses the android downloads app which isn't appealing in showing progress of downloads.

What's your opinion on this comparison?


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One thing I like about chrome is that "duplicate tab" feature. What I hate about chrome is the constant conflict with adobe flash player.
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