UFC 242


Its here people , finally imefika . Khabib the best grappler , wrestler in the world , the only man to wrestle a bear since Samson wrestled a lion , is back in the octagon .

The last fight he put the stupid piece of chieth Connor in his place plus his whole bench of Irish loudmouths .

Dustin can't beat khabib naona aki submitiwa third round .

The main card is nice

Good weight classes fights

Azor Ahai

Village Elder
Felder vs Barbosa is the fight to watch. Ya Khabib ni walkover/mismatch in my opinion. Dustin already lost to McGregor na tunajua chenye Khabib alifanyia Mc-tapout. Inaanza 5 early prelims natafuta link reddit na discord saa huu.