Uganda katanuka soon


Village Commissioner
Bobi Wine and his supporters are not backing down neither is Bwana Armuriat and his legion. Museveni should know that times and people have changed.


Village Sponsor
Our problem is our society. The military is full of sheep, they have arms and munitions, yet they are controlled by a old man who orders them to kill their own brethren.

Tom Bayeye

Kinyozi wa Stima Jebedeyo
Nope, to change Africa, we have to value ourselves and every single life on the continent. As long as we think humans are disposable and can be used as collateral, we'll never progress.
Thats why millitary is the way to go,weather rich or poor,struggle will be the same. Watu huku nje look down on others. Parents have failed to teach and instill humility to their kids for whe they grow up.Millitary will show you how real life is and how to value yourself and others.....practically,laying your life down before others