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  1. caitlin

    caitlin Senior Villager

    Simon Peter Olara, a
    security guard working in
    Tororo could not bring his
    erection down after having
    sex with Christine Aboth
    the 23 year-old wife to Jaffar
    Wambede, a radio and TV
    technician from Malaba,
    reports the Ugandan New
    Vision Newspaper. The
    married couple were
    separated at the time of the
    Olara told Malaba police on
    Tuesday that he had started
    experiencing the abnormal
    erection on September 8,
    2014 soon after having
    sex. He said ever since the
    erection started, the
    situation had worsened as
    he could not even sleep at
    After unsuccessful medical
    examination at St.
    Anthony’s Hospital,
    acquaintances took him to
    Malaba police station to
    assist him in persuading
    the aggrieved husband to
    forgive him, in case he was
    The married couple had
    separated after repeated
    Aboth suffered repeated
    miscarriages but Wambede
    accused her of having
    abortions. Before
    abandoning her, he
    allegedly promised her that
    she would never be happy
    with another man. An
    allegation he emphatically
    denied to police.
    Michael Odongo, the Malaba
    regional police
    spokesperson said
    Wambede’s situation was
    very tricky since there was
    no law criminalizing
    witchcraft and sorcery.
    Odongo said after
    convincing both parties
    they agreed to consult a
    witchdoctor in Busesa
    Iganga district to save the
    situation and restore
    Olaro’s life.
  2. mark

    mark Senior Villager

    Lucky bastard, every man dreams of a lasting erection.
  3. DO_IT

    DO_IT Village Elder

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