Ugandan MPs Get USh29M Each For Extending M7's Rule

Ugandan legislators have each pocketed 29 million Ugandan shillings ($8,000, Sh830,960) as a payout for consultations on legislation to extend the president’s rule. A parliamentary spokesman said this on Tuesday and opponents denounced the move as a bribe. Parliamentary spokesman Chris Obore said the one-off payment had been released to the legislators’ bank accounts this week. “It’s to help them to consult with their constituents on this bill,” he told Reuters. The bill would scrap a constitutional age cap preventing President Yoweri Museveni, 73 and in power for 31 years, from standing in the next election. It is likely to pass, given the ruling party’s majority, when it is voted on later this year. A staunch ally of Western powers, Museveni is widely seen as an anchor of stability in the often volatile Great Lakes region after decades of violent Ugandan dictators. Critics say he has evolved into just another African strongman using corrupt and ruthless tactics to retain power for life.


Uganda has been used to 'one-man-rule' since the days of the Baganda kingdom. It is their way of life and they have never complained. Sometimes western democracy is not always perfect
Ai wewe kwani ulisomea histo kwa dirisha?

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The reason why Museveni is still in power is that that place is as volatile as Kenya, probably worse, with regards to tribalism. During Amin/Obote's/Okello rule (from Kakwa/Langi/Acholi, all dialects of Luo) , kila mtu alikuwa amefinyiliwa makende sana and most tribes even Baganda who had a stint at the presidency know this for a fact (Yusuf Lule).
Museveni's main opponent Besigye is also from the West so tribalism does not intensify much during elections like in Kenya but the Kingdoms are bound to cause havoc at any time if the guy was not as tough as he is, the biggest Kingdom of Buganda knows this for a fact. Recently, the Rwenzururu Kingdom tried an uprising that was stiffled before it caught steam.
The only problem I see with Uganda is that Museveni is old and there's a power vaccum as there's no clear successor if he were to drop down dead tomorrow. Corruption, as detailed by our kept brother @shoti_mzito is also very rampant. Beneficiaries are usually within the circle of Museveni's tribesmen but cronyism goes a long way. The UPDF is a strong army loyal to Museveni, anyone taking over should be able to command the same respect, otherwise, it will go south very quick like in the 80s musical chair charade.

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