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Guys lets just admit it. We have all once fucked an ugly lady ugglier than Kizza Besigye and Sulley Muntari combined. The truth remains being the truth. When guys are having a talk about the girls they have shagged no one would admit that he has ever shagged an ugly lady yet if the same lady serves her wet punany to you you won't think twice about it but go ahead and f**k the shit out of her as long as no one knows and it remains a secret.

Ugly ladies knowing their shortcomings; they lower their standards a little lower so as to get some male attention. These are the ladies who compensate their ugly looks with a PSG like performance in the bedroom. She is that lady who will show you different shagging positions you would think she has a PhD in Sex Management. You will literally dry up your balls because she knows how to serve sex. They gave very sloppy bjs you wouldn't think she is sucking the yoghurt form your d*ck. She is that lady who you will just call to perform bedroom gymnastics on you.

Guys f**k these birches because they are easy to lay; they are always insecure of their looks and don't come with too much baggage unlike slay queens like @GeorginaMakena who would end up making your bank account dry but still wont give you the goods. They are always available, they are those ladies who you would invite to your house and she will show up in less than 10 minutes unlike slay queens and ligutskins who would bring up a chain of excuses. Ugly ladies don't play hard to get, they lower their guard a little bit coz of their insecurities and you will be shagging her all the time. They are also less nagging. She knows she can't compete with slay queens and so she doesn't nag that much. Slayqueens would literally nag you with their problems its as if you were send to solve her problems. Most of them will be like:

"babe gas imeisha"
"aki babe sijalipa rent"
"babe leo niliona dress ya 15k Mr. price si you will buy it for me" and some more bullshit.

I know of guys who would deny vehemently if they ever fucked an ugly lady you would think fucking an ugly lady makes you even more sinful. What guys don't know is that the taste of pu**y is not directly proportional to the looks. You can find a lady looking all pretty but a cucumber would taste even better than her. Those pretty lasses have been shagged left, right and centre by university watchmen, matatu conductors, sponsors, lecturers, rich niggas and what would be left of her pu**y is just bones and trust you me no one would be willing to eat bones unless you are a dog. Personally I have fucked an ugly lady and the sex is on another point. She maybe ugly but she come through really good when you don't feel like chasing some slay queen like the way a dog chases after a cat.



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Kwanza online dating. Kuna day nimeet kiatu not so easy on the eye nikasema I don't normally stoop this low but since nishawaste my time mpaka nikaenda kumpick ni sawa tu. After PNC ndio you wonder how you got yourself in that position.
Tinder ishanipigisha chenga hivyo nikasema kama mbaya mbaya.......