Uhuru: Beware of Coup in Progress

Voting was manual. Tallying was manual. Original 34A,B,C are available. But the election is nullified because of problems in transmission of data, yet original data is available. You can’t make this stuff up. President Uhuru was fraudulently denied victory by a 4-2 vote.

I thought the CJ (and 3 others) were merely following the law, albeit rigidly and in an old-fashioned way like apparently believing the forms are physically placed in the servers, u know, like bread is placed in a basket. Hence if you cannot ‘see’ inside the server, then you cannot see the forms. But after seeing the press conference with some JSC members on Tuesday where he addressed the president like he was addressing a kid, I recognised he has utter contempt for the head of state. I hope by now its clear to Uhuru advisers that Jubilee is up against odm and its ally the SC (majority members).

Justice Ojwang has stated clearly that the majority decision was based on politics. And why would a SC justice feel taking a kid to London is more important than attending court? Before that, CJ had also ‘rushed briefly’ to Europe as everyone waited for him to deliver the full ruling. What’s really goin’ on?

Odm is hardly campaigning yet the election is less than a month away. Now we know why. They are planning to force a ‘caretaker govt’, a coup by any other name. Funded by powerful foreign forces (not foreign govts, but entities more powerful than govts - that work through ‘civil society’ to infiltrate and control important institutions). For that to happen, they have said they will not allow elections to be held ‘if their demands are not met’. In other words, they will use violence to stop IEBC from moving materials to certain areas before voting day. And on voting day, they will use violence to prevent people from voting. That is criminal. The president must direct police and military to ensure every person who wants to vote on October 17 gets that chance.

Jubilee must not accept delay of the October 17 election by even a single day. It is in the interest of odm to attempt to delay the vote by making unreasonable demands that cannot be met given the limited time. They hope that Jubilee will be foolish enough to swallow the bait. ODM would then move to court where their allies would rule that Uhuru must step down and let a ‘caretaker govt’ take over. And Kenya would henceforth be colonized by international criminals using bwana vitendawili as their puppet president.


Village Elder
Chupilee accept and move on.. Yaani wanaume mmekuwa kama nyani juu ya mti kazi ni kupiga kelele 24/7 juu ya coup.. Victory stolen.. Bla bla bla.. Tunarudi debe.. Kama mtashinda maisha inaindelea..


Village Elder
"I am the president until another president is elected."
"We have the numbers to change laws in parliament."
These two statements should serve as hints to the counterweights awaiting deployment should we reach a crisis point.


Village Elder
Will this rant, pang'ang'a, upussy etc likely to make Uhuru the president for a second term? Izi threads ni mob, kila siku kulialia hapa na kughasi meno.
Meffi kabisa