Uhuru is very funny.......haha


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Malisa uyo hustler. Ruto will not have pulled a ruto move on the sitting Ruto president. I see most of the tanga tanga mps becoming former after next year elections


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Still whinning and throwing tantrums like a baby while bragging about roaring for the last 2 years. still waiting to be shown how he is not a rained on cat
Uhuru is very funny...haha...really!?!?!??
Theres nothing funny about someone whose fucking up our lives...our childrens futures...our childrens childrens futures for his personal comfort and his kith and kins aggrandisement.
Sio kwa ubaya but comment kama hio yako huni rub up the wrong way.
Wakenya wanachekanga vitu zile tunafa kuwekea sura ya mbuzi na vitu za ujinga ka maslay queen ma dinga tei nene nene ndio tu na take seriously.
Honestly...with such an attitude we are doomed for life.
No wonder the political class toy around with us.
Uliona vile mount kenya gang ilitoka sagana iki imba BIBI YAI like ni kitu ya maana...YOU ALSO FOND THAT FUNNY?
Kenyans honestly lets look inside ourselves...check out the real situation (Bob Marley style) and lets get serious for once.
Funny kitu gani. Bull crap.