• Happy New Year, and Wishing You A Productive 2021

Uhuru Kenyatta


Village Elder
You are a devoted Catholic, a Christian!
Wakati mwingine kimbia kwa Biblia utafute huko principles za kutawala nazo.
I have to aver that so this far, you are not doing very badly. In fact you have done really well. What with all those enlistings of opposition who is who stars into our Jubilee! But you can do even better! And that is where the Bible should be one of your teachers.

These Nasarites are strong because of their unity. The sooner we admit that it's true the better for us. We shook them a bit last week when we admitted Omar Hassan into our folds. But we left the nasa core intact. Hata wanaanza kutuenjoi kuwa tunanunua loosers. Perhaps they are right.

Now it's time to change the gears. Go for them principles! Invoke...

Zechariah 13:7 (New International Version)
"Awake, sword, against [ the ] shepherd, against the man who is close to me!" declares the LORD Almighty. "Strike the shepherd, and the sheep will be scattered!

Do something!

When the people in Babel defied God and blasphemed because of their unity, the Lord had to act.

Act now! You have the wherewithal! If we continue like this.... Strangle one them. Buy one of them! Plant discord and scuttle their plans! Puncture their egos! Devide them, Sir!

Do something!
I agree. They need to be stopped, surest way to bring down a tree is to dig up it's roots, stop these people, we shouldnt give in to their demands neither should we allow them to bring us down economically


Village Elder
Don't make a deal with either Kalonzo or Mudavadi. They betrayed us, and they continue do so. Make a deal with Lucifer himself. And when all seem OK, strike like a pro!