Uhuru Needs 3 Months Rehab, 'Old Man' Raila Should Relax: Dida

President Uhuru Kenyatta needs three months' rehabilitation before he is given another chance to lead Kenya, Abduba Dida has said. Dida, who vied for the top seat under Alliance for Real Change, noted his intention is not to be disrespectful and did not specify the kind of rehabilitation the President should undergo.

The politician, fondly known as 'teacher Dida' also spoke about NASA presidential candidate Raila Odinga, who is set for protests to forcefully remove IEBC commissioners.He accused several of them of them, including chairman Wafula Chebukati and CEO Ezra Chiloba, of engaging in malpractices in the August 8 national election.

Raila has said he will not take part in the repeat October 26 election unless major reforms take place at the electoral agency. "Raila is an old man who has won a lot of respect. I want, however, to tell him to hold his horses. I know he loves and is addicted to tearsgas but please, if he really needs one at this moment, he can teargas himself in his house to spare us trouble."

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