UhuRuto winning by a LANDSLIDE!


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Constitutionally, JaKuon did not withdraw from the race since he refused to sign form 24A on purpose.

”Nasa leader Raila Odinga has said that he will not sign Form 24A – the statutory form the IEBC requires candidates to fill to withdraw from the repeat poll.”
Despite his profuse pronouncements and apparent lack of campaign-funds therefore, he will go down in history as having contested in the re-election. As per his historical behavior, he will try and smear whatever he cannot have (utoto). To wit, his vain attempt to question the legitimacy of our vote.

As regards the low voter turn out, anybody with one morsel of common sense will realize that there was no competition primarily because JaKuon was too broke to campaign (he chose instead to run for help in Europe where he was unceremoniously rejected), and additionally, a repeat election always garners lower voter turnout (voter fatigue and apathy).

The third key factor is that a considerable percentage of people vote not for UhuRuto but against JaKuon. As long as there’s a chance that the narcissist can win, people will brave natural disasters to vote against him.

Voting Saturday 28/10/2017
Homa Bay - 476,875
Kisumu - 539,210
Migori - 388,633
Siaya - 457,953
TOTAL - 1,859,671 registered voters

Already voted

GRAND TOTAL - 8,289,146

So even if there is 100% voter turnout on 28/10/2017, and they all vote for JaKuon, UhuRuto still win by 76.2%.

Uhuru has now beaten the same challenger three times and the margin keeps getting bigger in each election.
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Above RAT mark in August... And still about 4000 yet to be tallied (estimate of about 1.5million)
I swear, niko hapa Kampala Coach, NRM supporters are already saying that Chebukati has cooked up an algorithm that keeps on adding up Uhuru's numbers, ati the most he could have gotten was 4M.... Despite displaying fake bravado, the desperation in their eyes is hilarious.