Ujinga Tanzania


Village Elder
Tanzania police arrest Zitto Kabwe, the
leader of the opposition after he gave a
speech about the current state of the
country’s economy


Village Sponsor
are there ducks chicks in those boxes really?? i doubt anyone could do that.
i will give them the benefit of doubt.


Village Elder
Trade relations between KEN & Tz are at an all time low. I think Kenyan transit drivers have to pay 5,000 per day, last week they confiscated and auctioned 1300 cattle belonging to Kenyans for grazing inside their territory. There is a government directive that farmers cannot export any produce that is not processed and many other other tariff and non tariff barriers, this has led to a drastic fall in prices....... 1 kg of cow peas is going for less Ksh 20/kg, Maize..Kshs 15 in the rural areas. Many farmers might go back to subsistence farming.
Anyway time will tell.