Ukabila ni Kufunzwa shuleni wewe ni Bantu, Cushite ama Nilote

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Not all East African Slaves were taken to Arabia or India. Thousands mainly from Tanzania and Mozambique landed on the shores of Somalia and slaved in the banana and rice plantations or as house slaves as is the case of this Bantu lady slave working at a merchant home in Mogadishu city state. Today their descendants are known as Somali bantus comprising app. 1 million mainly farmers and laborers and some have maintained the Zigua language and culture of Tanzania and Malawi

I think I might have come across them. Once met a very dark Somali chic nikawonder mbona huyu walalo ni mdark hivi but alikuwa mkonda na features za Msomali
Why is that bantus is the only negroid group which suffered the most because of slavery? Is it because they were mainly farmers, therefor they had no expirience in war and cattle raids or because they had Strong physique therefore they could provide good labour? Methinks they were dumber than dumb.
You started nicely until the very end when your thoughts got so narrow hata wind haiwezi pita through.......yes Bantus are what you refer to as Sedentary.....they tend to prefer to settle and as such avoid conflicts.
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