Ulevi Sacco

Bado Simba Saloon iko na Tusker Keg? Friday tulikua tunakamata jug moja happy hour unapewa another free. Halafu Hilton pia had a crazy happy hour. Three at the price of one. Tunashika mbili then sita zinaletwa. Unaongea na barman afiche hizo zingine then alete moja moja. Peasant student anakunywa na birrioneas


Village Elder
It can't be only me, is there anyone who suspects they might have been sold a fake beer? NOTE I don't mean BAD but fake beer.
It comes with your normal bottle be it Tusker, Pilsner, White cap or whatever, tastes almost the same but my friend, the hangover isn't like anything you have ever experienced.
It's happened to me thrice in the past two months and I don't want to risk another.
No wonder hizo siku mbili nimekunywa makali na nimeamka fresh kiasi bila hangover ya beer ooh si kwisa