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I stayed in a single room mud house in nyalesh (kisumu slum), rent was 1k. She was hot, 19, very clingy and possessive but loyal. I was 25, employed (barely) after campo + tarmacking and she was hustling from her parents' house. We had started getting serious.

One night she couldn't come over, and if you know anything about kisumu especially nyalenda, the only safe option for desperate release was "kawasaki".

That night I wanted to try something new.. Kawasaki with a cd (less mess na new experience-i've never used condoms-i prefer to test first then kula from one bowl for as long as possible. )
After brutalizing the monster, I tossed the cd and blacked out.

Asubuhi inafika, she comes early beaming, carrying breakfast (kumbuka I live in a mud house she's a hustler, super fine etc so this was a big wonderful surprise/sacrifice).

Hugs, kisses, stories, breako etc She folds the clothes, then starts to sweep the dirt floor (i know, it never used to make sense to me too) and guess the first thing she sees....

The tears come, the sobbs, the shouts, she hits me a bit (ile ya tutoto)/all while asking why.. Mi nimenyamaza coz what can I say... My pride or arrogance or shame or shocked disbelief keeps me silent.

Finally she goes silent, then pushes me on the bed angrily pulls down my pants and hers, kisses me hard and we.... U get the idea.

It was never the same again.
Slowly we grew apart, and it fizzled out.
but that day was the beginning of the end.
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