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Understanding women


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Women are not complicated bro.. A woman's needs are dual in nature, she either wants to be dicked till kingdom come or be provided for; thus the alpha and beta dichotomy.

In your case, You are the one who proposed a relationship/exclusivity and she turned you down.. She interpreted it as weakness and she didn't perceive you as a beta earlier on. Hapa ni wewe uliji-choma.

Men don't seek relationships, that is the work of women.. You should have taken your slices before hii madharau yote ianze.

Sister yake akijileta, kula slices.. Acha hii story ya exclusivity na relationships, that is beta behavior.

Alafu wacha kukula your neighbors, ile drama itakupata itabidi uhame
Good advice. So how do I regain my AMG coz I have always never given shit about women and I guess that's why she liked me. Someone advised me to go "No contact" for sometime.
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