Unga ya 90 causes minyoo? Or Kenyan guys simply ousted ladies in yapping and kiherehere?

What is getting to a lot of Kenyan guys of today? You run through the forums yapping acrimoniously, and have decisively dealt a coup de tat in territory that has always been the exclusive reserve of women since time immemorial? Its like a bunch of 14 year olds...."Oh let me go ahead and ignore this" "Oh ur so dimwit" ""oh stupid" "Oh you are slow".....do you know the meaning of fck off whatever does not pertain to you! I keep on seeing a battalion of morons I blasted away long ago, then months and months later, still trying to get even, like you think I give a damn, always waiting for someone to jump on my wall and celebrate their idiocy, so you come and join in approbation, in the spirit of futile camaraderie with another hapless and emotionally wounded fool that got a taste of the precise prescription they desperately sought.....I have not met more than about 5 to 10 people who were more prolific purveyors of misanthropy when you ask for it...
Some of you I would be glad to meet in person, for a quick one two on the tip of your nose and adam's apple, so you can gag and nosebleed for the next 15 minutes, with air knocked out of you....
There is a reason they have the page down key, the next page button, and not least the ignore button, you douche bags...The only uninvited guests on my wall are malayaz, and when you are straddling there, I will be sure to ask you whether you are a hooker lingering there, and if so there are some dildos na mafuta ya kasuku planted on the sideline where you can center yourself, sit down on one, and carry out however many reps of squats you need to get your fill, or if you prefer penile rectal activity Saddam's ghost still lingers with 15 inches of your antidote, then bust out to whatever orifice you got shitted out of..or I will run you off in humiliation and you will try to come back over and over to get even and it will never happen.....acheni umama shenzi types!!

I'm sure most commenting are past their puberty phases ...so quit your girlish ways and man up!
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When you eat spicy food and you are not used to, there is that sharp itch you get in the anus, back in secondary as we were in the last week to closure guys became generous and gave whatever was remaining to don't cares like me who didn't even do shopping.
Come closing day i was very uncomfortable down there and no matter how i refrained from scratching it was unbearable, kufika town niliangalia watu wote and assumed they are going through what am also experiencing but we are all quite about it.