Unless we stop despising each other, we can as well forget about being industrialised.

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never colonised and freed slaves all they could do is war.

When a dog has known violence all his life can it be rehabilitated in the wild Savanna?

Africa is rich and its potential is very dormant close to be extinct and in some aspects extint. What other races have learnt through history and become forces to be reconed with, Africa is being victimized on it. Hitler killed million, Otto Man Turks Killed millions if not bilions, USA have killed millions, Colonial masters have killed billions. Where are they now, they grew from strength to strength and their civilizations have been built on blood simple.

Capitalism has killed the human race, you cant compete with a someone who can out do you a milli to one and has a spy as you economic advicer. As Babu Raila says you cant win if the system has been rigged to your failure. USA has beef with China coz they heavy control their economy and devalue of their currency. In this china can make exports very cheap and Imports damn punishing, this is why (plus other factors) China is the production house of all the economies of the world. China has been demonized all over the world but because the Chinese bettered the art of capitalism and the value of the dollar , they know corporations and governments will go to their economy to save a buck.

Truth be told, Muammar Gaddafi, had a vision for Africa which unsettled the west and this is why they looked for a reason to kill him coz he was disrupting the world order. (No Illuminati connection)
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