Unpopular opinion: Europe was better before niggers arrived

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It just seemed so idyllic then
As compared to now when all that nywele ngumu do is bring crime, disease & poverty starting with @Finest wine

Tom Bayeye

Kinyozi wa Stima Jebedeyo
Yet wealth extracted from Africa and Africans made possible the vigour and prosperity of europe thanks to direct consequence of two centuries of slaving, followed by another of colonial despotism. Waafrika wa saa hizi na kulamba mattercore ya bazungu wako na kiburi:D:D

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Justice served. Walituchafua Sasa wanachafuliwa.
At least they brought religion, law, government, infrastructure, medicine, basically the whole of modern civilisation to Africa. Apart from sports and entertainment, nywele ngumu’s only contribution to Europe is violence and STDs!
Peak shithousery. Niggers did not arrive, they were shipped; doesn't it intrigue you that they only became a nuisance after they outlived their usefulness?