Unstoppable Tanga


Village Elder
Looking at Kenya's current political affairs, it's evident that 2022 presidential race is on...in earnest. William Samoei Ruto is the political giant that is causing many people restless nights and days void of peace. The most affected are some politicians from the president's backyard and others from "opposition's" strongholds.

The man is a political wizard. Progressively, he has advanced his political network and won the hearts of Kenyans through; traversing the Country, popularizing Jubilee's development agenda and also by converting many of his fierce critics to loyal/ardent "followers."

Long and short of this is that deputy president has positioned himself as the most suitable political leader to succeed President Uhuru Kenyatta.Below are some of the reasons;

1. Presidency

William Ruto has been part of the presidency for over five years. During this time he must have built vast network with resourceful/connector persons and organizations as far as political processes are concerned. Being the president's assistant, he must have learned how to acquire/wield power first hand. This will come in handy in his journey to the house on the hill. There's a political promise by Uhuru Kenyatta's side that they will support William Ruto in the 2022 presidential elections because he stood by/with their man (Uhuru). Whether this remains is a matter of wait and see...political promises are rarely kept in this part of the world.

2. Aggressive/Financial Muscle

Presidential campaigns world over are not for the weak- financially! The deputy president is a self-starter and a go-getter. Historically, he has worked hard and smart towards achieving whatever he puts his mind to. He is successful financially thus is able to facilitate a formidable presidential campaign without struggle unlike some of his competitors. Hitherto there is no challenger who seems like he can give Mr. Ruto a run for his monies.

3. Oratory

Speech delivery/public speaking is a critical element in leadership. A good leader worth their salt should be an excellent communicator. William Ruto has perfected the art of public speaking... both Swahili and English...arguably his sense of humor and excitement cultivation is on another level. Ably, he addresses forums with an excellent demonstration of wit, knowledge, and understanding of whichever topic the conversation is about. This makes him a great communicator... he will speak to the hearts of voters like no other!

4. Building Bridges Initiative

The initiative to unite Kenyans that was initiated by His Excellency President Uhuru Kenyatta and Rt. Honorable Raila Odinga is a plan that is aimed at eradicating negative ethnicity which has in the past nearly pushed this country off the brink of a precipice. With the actualization of this plan, any Kenyan who desires to lead this country will be judged not by the tribe they come from but by the content of their vision for this nation. William Ruto is a visionary man thus Kenyans are likely to buy his social, political and economic policies. He will not be judged by where he comes from.

5. Hustler Narrative

Majority of Kenyans are from humble backgrounds...a big number of them live in poverty. They toil (hustle) day and night just to make ends meet and to fend for their loved ones. Deputy president is a self-proclaimed hustler. Financially speaking, he's a self-made man. He's an epitome of grass to grace. He's well accomplished academically and financially despite his humble beginnings as a chicken vendor. The son of a peasant has packaged this narrative so well that common Mwananchi (the majority) easily resonates with it. On this one, he beats the rich kids in persuading Kenyans to vote for him.


One day in politics is quite a long time... there is so much that can happen/change. Ceteris paribus I William Samoei Ruto is going to be Kenya's fifth President.