UPDATE on the kid killed on sunday Skate park<--he may hv been a dingo

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Do u remember Thirdman's expose listing ahem..do u recall a Bryan Ricky Blaze Ryan <---memorize that name for now . Well they say an apple does nt fall far away from the tree or better still Birds of a feather flock together. Apparently Bryan Ricky Blaze Ryan was one of the thugs exposed by Third man .it can now be confirmed that Ricky blaze was a mutual friend to the deceased Noble berry jamoo..see how he gives a 2 gun salute S/O to the deceased.... 1st pic: Thirdman Expose 2nd pic : S/O to deceased PS: Ricky blaze has now updated his FB profile pic with Noble Jemos picture....They make it look so easy for cops



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Gets confusing by the day. From what the friends of the so called Nobbes Berry Jammoh say is that alisetiwa na maboys and he was mob-justiced for committing no crime but again the friends he keep betrays his innocence.
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