Upgrading to windows 10 (The simplest way)

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I was able to successfully install windows 10 and even took some pics. Forget about being techsavvy. Its actually very EASY. This is the only link you need if you want to perform an upgrade from an earlier version of windows (7 or 8).

One thing, just MAKE SURE you have good internet. Preferably use a LAN cable because Wi-Fi can be unreliable at times.

In case your upgrade is interrupted (internet disconnection/power failure) then you have to open C: and delete these two files:
  • $Windows~BS
  • $Windows~WS
Then start the process again.

NB: This comment was made using windows 10, after I successfully did an upgrade.
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Bhangi Iwe Huru

And I'm just sitting here with my Linuxbox that took only a few minutes to upgrade and I didn't even need to restart.... Worries and Problems


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I think now MS really worked on Windows 10. I believe this is what Windows 8 should have been. I didn't use this trick as I had not seen it. This made me use the normal tricks to activate my Windows 10. I will re-download the OS and upgrade it the correct way
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