Upuzi ya 19 forever


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On a journey...just showing off progress
If you're curious; I'm just doing my own thing

I really hurt my knees trying to follow a professional workout bootcamp...so diet is just the major thing for now. But a few planks and weights now and then work for me. Do what feels comfortable to you...

The few words has justified the age. Watoto wa rika yenye mmesema(19) they don't all that. Vado hormones ni mbichi.


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Women can claim whatever age they want but time catches up with them at the end of the day. Sheila Mwanyigha still believes she is sweet 23:D Vera is also 21:D
Delusional imbeciles indeed. Men tend to estimate and even tell women's ages almost accurately. We have to look for fertility for child bearing which is our core instincts, so miaka haidanganyi..No wonder women above 27 yrs huwa hawa fwatwi sana na wanakuaga desparate mbaya.


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Lakini Kalenjin zamani walikuwa very dark skinned half breed neanderthals.

Siku hizi Kalenjin wako na brown skin sweetness. Ni Kikuyu immigrants wame dilute hio reptile skin.

Na huwezi skia @langatkipro wakisema asante for this brown gifts. Kazi ni kufukuza wasapere from Eldoret. Asante ya punda.