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But Uriri MP Mark Nyamita on Thursday dismissed Mr Sonko’s assistance, terming it an "insult" to the victims.

Migori leaders believe the government sent police to kill supporters of Nasa leader Raila Odinga and, therefore, any assistance from Mr Sonko, a staunch supporter and defender of President Kenyatta, is not welcome.

“I have information that Jubilee through Nairobi Governor Sonko is dishing out money to hospitals in Nyanza where our people are recuperating from ostensibly to cater for their bills of the victims of jubilee-sanctioned police brutality,” said Mr Nyamita.

“We are telling Sonko to keep his blood-stained money to himself. Let him use the money to pay Nairobi county employees who have gone for months without pay or better still use it to clean the city, which is chocking under garbage, or he can equally use it to buy good manners.”
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All the people who were assisted expressed their gratitude, that is what counts. They were also given some pocket money.
Such generous actions help to expose the insensitivity of some of the people we have elected.