US, Canada n mexico to host 2026 WC


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Even South Africa government struggled to justify the $10 billion spent to build the stadium and auxiliary supporting infrastructure. They still had to spend another $5 billion in hosting it on numerous other costs. It was very stormy in Parliament to verify that they received more than $15 billion back in the economy from visitors etc. That was 8 years ago, now FIFA has increased participation countries by a third. This will take the cost of hosting World Cup to between $20-27 billion. Egypt and Morocco will struggle to get that and I doubt S.Africa will want to. That money alone put in infrastructure, development and services can transform a nation. Africa is being phased out from bidding very cleverly. Tokyo Olympics was to cost $20 billion. The uproar forced the Mayoral elections to heat up. The winner had promised to renegotiate with Japan PM and all stakeholders to host it at half the budget. He won with a landslide. The budget is down to $10 billion. The rest can go to other areas.
Hizi pesa ni mingi.


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Ata mimi na support france outside africa.Sijui ni vile kuna weusi wengi.I don't know.But there is something that is making me to support that country.
Manze nyeuthi mingi saidi. I think its the same effect that made me support them; since 1998, alafu nikaingia Arsenal juu ya kina Petit, Anelka, Vieira, alafu Mzitoh Henry akalandi….all WC winners...

Mundu Mulosi

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it will, FIFA has this unofficial policy of rotation between the continents. And it's worth noting many nations are not keen on hosting the WC, it's an expensive liability to the host nation and offers no direct benefits except bragging rights. cc South Africa and Brazil
It is only expensive to countries that don't have structures in place. Such countries have to built new stadiums and what not. US already has world class facilities, they will make good money.