USA Green card lottery opens today

They said part of the interview is disclosing all ur social media/internet activity. With the sour tribal juices being exchanged in the interwebs i wonder how many Kenyans will pass those interviews. Its time we used mother tongue online:D:D:D


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The usa still remains one of the best place an African can move to and succeed through hardwork.

Most European countries are socialist and are now filled with anti-immigrant nazis, the combination of which will be a disaster for African.

USA on the other hand is better than vumbistan on all measurable indices.
We don't want to relocate to a country of a spree killers
"We" say kila nyani na starehe zake. If you can't handle it let others be. I know that we're all entitled to our opinions, and I guess you were probably joking. The US is a continent, therefore, if you're comparing it to how many killings that we have in Kenya, that's not a balanced equation.
I really ticks me off when people make assumptions (and again, you could have been joking). We all will die one day. On many occasions I've had to stand up in a group to clear some misconceptions that people have about Africa, and it's not an easy task.
My challenge to you is : tembea, cross the border and learn a thing or two. I'm not saying that the grass is definitely greener on the other side, but it's always good to have choices. I know of a at least 2 guys who got the Green Card but things didn't work out and they had to go back to Kenya, and life continues. I've also met many people who used the chance to better their lives and their families' lives.
Trust me, chances of you being mugged in Nairobi's CBD or being carjacked in Kenya are exponentially higher than being shot in the US.
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