USA vs France


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I hope France takes it. Embarrassing Thailand like that was unsportsmanlike. Someone very close is rooting for USA at the stadium. It's time for me to make another $100 :)

USA face France in the quarter-finals of the Women's World Cup tonight.

Tournament favourites USA blasted out of the blocks against Thailand but have hit the skids a little since then and only just squeezed past Spain thanks to two Megan Rapinoe penalties in the last 16.

France weren't at their best either last time out with Amandine Henry's 106th minute winner the only difference between them and Brazil.
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Please do not let MGTOW and incel operatives know what strength, independence and insolence this openly lesbian footballer carries. I love her anti-Drumpf stance. :D
Ok :D:D:eek: All I can do is laugh... Watch the game in an hour. I can guarantee you that you'll need some liquid or smoke encouragement. It is so slow! I'm taking the afternoon off to bbq and listen to some noise from someone at the satdium.


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Great match, 10 times more exciting and action filled than many men's games at AFCON. Rapinoe might just get that chance to thumb her nose at Drumpf.

Wako wapi half-a-male leo?