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  1. Gio

    Gio Village Elder

    Usain Bolt ended his illustrious career in the country where it all started 15 years ago, I tip my hat off to the man who electrified the 100M and relays

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  2. Afro

    Afro Village Elder

    I used to call him hussein bolt until i read his name for the first time
  3. 123tokambio

    123tokambio Village Sponsor

    Sasa anaeza chukua mayor Kingston
  4. MBOMB

    MBOMB Village Elder

    Me thinks he never really pushed himself the limit...His starts and finishes were always slow. He should have shaved a second or more off the world record. It wont be long before someone else does that for him.
  5. Gio

    Gio Village Elder

    Their was a certain self confidence he had that will be difficult to match, from the strides to when he broke records almost at will. That will be missed, sure Puma will miss him on the track
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  6. Atheismo

    Atheismo Village Elder

    Never understood the "call-it-quits-while-at-the-top" bullsh!t philosophy.
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  7. Gio

    Gio Village Elder

    When you`ve clearly made your mark, its better to walk away at the top than getting beaten
  8. Mathaais

    Mathaais Village Sponsor

    Ask yourself what if Wenger had quit while he was still on top?
  9. Mtumishi

    Mtumishi Village Elder

    The Guy will be back.
  10. WuTang

    WuTang Village Sponsor

    Kuna kijana anaitwa Christian Coleman, he registered 9.82 seconds, an American college record last week.
  11. It's Le Scumbag

    It's Le Scumbag Village Elder

    Ama kuwa outed kama Louis Armstrong... @Gio samehea mimi hapo.
  12. Mundu Mulosi

    Mundu Mulosi Administrator Staff Member

    He never did, especially in the 100m races where he had no competion, you could just see him slow down towards the finish line.
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  13. Trina

    Trina Village Elder

    how can you understand when you have clearly never been the best at anything? stop stressing yourself
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  14. Grundy

    Grundy Village Sponsor

    Muricans are cheats
  15. Gio

    Gio Village Elder

    You mean Lance Armstrong?
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  16. It's Le Scumbag

    It's Le Scumbag Village Elder

    Yeah...my bad.
  17. WuTang

    WuTang Village Sponsor

    Not all.
  18. fourier

    fourier Village Elder

    Now back to the American dominance in the men's 100m track.

    Me thinks bolt still had it in the 200m track for another Olympics event. He was distinctively unchallenged
  19. Atheismo

    Atheismo Village Elder

    Probably I want the best of all the step fathers you had, honey, but she brags to her friends that I'm the best she's ever had.
  20. onekigogo

    onekigogo Village Elder

    anangoja kusigniwa na man utd sasa...si Zlatan hayuko tena.