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Saw some used laptops hapo Latema Road, ranging in price from Sh12,000 to around Sh22,000 (2gb Ram, 160 to 320gb). Any advise on whether to go for it? I need one urgently at a reasonable price.


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True true... Not everyone needs 4gb ram, sijui i5 ama i7 processor. 2gb ram is decent enough for basic stuff. GO TO OLX.


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here is where every one goes wrong, gaming and simple machine should not be used in the same sentence. if you would like to keep your kids indoors or out of trouble with games get an i7 16gb ram desktop na screen kubwa, otherwise they will outgrow the games a simple machine can handle in a matter of months.


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my 2gb ram five year old laptop never fails me. I like it for the sturdy build and unbeatable display and graphics(Sio kunimulika tu like most comps do nowadays). Keyboard is made for function and not for show off. Not very light though.

I suggest with that money go get some second hand stuff. you might have to replace a few things like batt and hard drive. If you can, get something made in the Germany, Britain, Poland and you will have real quality.
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