Usiku Sacco - Fans Edition

The Original Graveyard Shift Ninja comes bearing gifts.
@Despotic_megalomaniac you said I was SMIA (Suspiciously Missing In Action) I am.
@pseudonym you called me a grave digger. Maybe I am.
@Guru you stole the grave digger moniker. Apparently,I was reliably informed that I did use the title.

Ladies,this is for you

@Fala 12 my eyes were resting. I was not asleep.
@Meria Mata the Ninja hopes you got the attention you wanted.

Its Friday. Dedicate one to ya fans. Why are you awake.

Waiting for the Witching Hour.
My brother @It's Le Scumbag , am seated ,at my locals with @pseudonym , @Meria Mata , @Deorro ,@Nefertities , and independent observers

Stop Interrupting serious discussion

We won't post photos of self but evidence is below (billionaire uncle @uwesmake is the international observer)

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View attachment 124838
That pentagon... The power pentagon. Unlike another I know of.

How did @uwesmake nguruwe make it as an observer? The million dollar question.
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