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Are you for or Against Matiangis copy pasted Michuki rules?

  • NO,

    Votes: 8 21.6%
  • YES

    Votes: 14 37.8%
  • Hainihusu

    Votes: 4 10.8%
  • Sanity on our rds

    Votes: 11 29.7%

  • Total voters

Meria Mata

Elder Statesman
So how does this work ? Yes means what? Pro or against?
you slow today,
matiangi na boinett waendelee ama wasiendelee?
kumbuka UK is in his last term (politics kidogo) he wants to leave a legacy
Mimi as Meria i say PSVs have to be tamed (lakini za long distance, town service we dont have those gori accidents)
if you know you know
I personally despise how the government handles policy. Kazi tu ni road side declarations and then later on unastukia gazette notice. What the hell are michuki rules and how do they help with anything? I remember they used to say matatus must have dustbins. Hiyo ilipita juu ilikuwa tu upuzi. There is no structure at all. The whole industry needs to be restructured 100%.

Meria Mata

Elder Statesman
Kenyans are just rotten. VC anasema hii ni ya matatu pekee si ya watu was msedez. Kubaff.
Leonard Kimani acha nikwambie, msedes will still be on the rd, hii crackdown ni ya PSVs peke yake, if they try to touch trucks the economy (what is remaining of it0 will grind down
na sijataja loan ya mchinku.
by tuesday one wall will give (break up)
mie na thermos no cop or NTSA meffi can stop me
to have a thermos on the rd kuna 1000 and 1 licences mpaka za deree kuwa fire fighter.
tyres zimeingia lakini sifa baadaye mpaka ziwe tested
zile nundu/jipu zimetuumiza


Village Elder
Kuna ufala Matiang'i anafanya. How is paint on the body of the minibus increasing road accidents? Hapa Matiang'i anatubeba ufala. Tena in this tough economy anataka those artists who paint waende wapi?
Aweke sheria zina make sense (most of them do) lakini si urazi. Don't kill jobs
It is about having discpline, showing them who is the boss. And that is the only language they understand, didn't you see a mat intentionally hitting a police car. Why do you think school kids have to wear school uniform, because that how you make stupid people understand their place. The artist will paint yellow lines :D for all mathrees again, kitunguu inuke